Our approach to food

In contrast to the traditional approach to menus our emphasis is different.  No longer is the principal dish meat or fish with sauce and potatoes with vegetable sides and the odd vegetarian option.  We go the other way and also keep our menus gluten free (with the occasional side for those who wish) and use local organic fruit and vegetables

So our menus are:


Quinoa porridge, yogurts, fruit with a naughty table of croissants and baguettes


Freshly prepared salads with interesting and varied flavours


Consists of 3 courses (or more) as follows:

Starters are always vegetarian

Main course is Vegetarian with a meat or fish or vegetarian side dish

Desserts are fruit or sorbets or a gluten free cake or pastries

Bread is not generally served but is available as an option

A light cheese table is available for those who would like


Eat well and enjoy!