The Gurus

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Amanda was first introduced to yoga in 1983 in Los Angeles. Her teacher was Bikram Choudhry, the founder of Bikram Yoga.

Stewart is a certified Jivamukti teacher having gained his 300 hour qualification under the guidance of his dear teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, in New York.

Amit is an enormously experienced Pilates teacher, not only teaching students at his own studio but also acting as a mentor for teachers.

Sophie is a freelance personal trainer and qualified sports massage therapist with ten years experience in the industry.

Leigh is a very well established freelance PT and fitness class instructor operating in top corporate gyms in the City of London.

Lisa’s vision as a health and well-being coach is to blend the practices of fitness in the West with those of Yoga in the East.  The ultimate aim is for her clients to tune into their physical and emotional body. 


Allie Hill is the founder of yogahaven, a market leader in the UK yoga industry. Though she is a petite-sized person, her heart and ambition are super-sized.

John is both an Artist, principally a painter, and an exceptionally accomplished teacher of Art.

Fernando has received much acclaim since the opening of his Surrey restaurant, Stovell's in Chobham.

Charles is a very well respected local chef, running one of the busiest restaurants close to Chomerac. La Cantine is relaxed and quirky and the menu changes twice a day.

Olivier & Florence Leriche own and run a local bio-dynamic winery – Domaine des Accoles.

Elizabeth is a qualified Bikram Yoga teacher and Fitness expert.  She teaches internationally and has competed in Miss Fitness competitions.

Fiona is a well-known teacher in the worldwide Bikram community.  She has recently opened up her own yoga school in the heart of Dublin.