Fernando Stovell

Fernando has received acclaim for the exquisite menu and ambience at his Surrey restaurant, Stovell's

Personal Development

Fernando was born and grew up in Mexico, his mother from Farnham and his father from Mexico City. Following a degree in International Relations, he came to London and, unknown to his family, enrolled on a catering course at Westminster Kingsway College in 1997.  Fernando worked in various leading kitchens, including the Michelin-starred Capital Hotel, before taking up positions at the Wellington Club and then the Cuckoo Club.

Fernando scoured Surrey for the perfect restaurant site for several years before he found what is now Stovell’s – a 16th Century Tudor Farmhouse in Chobham, a wonderfully quirky setting for his very contemporary European cuisine. The restaurant opened in October 2012 and is quickly gaining recognition and winning acclaim for the exquisite menu as well as the charming ambience within which it is to be enjoyed.

Fernando's Classes

The abundance of fresh organic produce in the region around the Chateau lends itself perfectly to Fernando's passion for honest ingredient-led cooking.  The classes will guide the participants in producing clean, fresh tasting dishes over the course of the programme.  Each element of the dish should sing without fuss and enhance the individual flavours and textures and Fernando looks forward to imparting both general kitchen knowledge and his very personal flair.

Festival Weeks

31/07/16 to 07/08/16