Cooking with Fernando

Sun 31st July - Sun 7th August 2016
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Develop your skills in the kitchen so you can take your friends out to dinner in your very own dining room!

Sun 31st July - Sun 7th August 2016
Cookery and Foraging
All inclusive from £1,080 pp

What better place to hone your culinary skills than in the heart of France's organic farming area? The Ardeche is known as the garden of France, and is bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables. The proximity of the mediterranean affords a wealth of seafood of impeccable freshness and the dramatic topography of the area is host to a superb breadth of livestock of all kinds (as well as making the region one of the sweethearts of wine lovers the world over!).

During your week with Fernando you will learn some core kitchen skills, experience the exhilarating fun of hunting down your ingredients in traditional markets, and even try your hand at the mysterious but trendy art of "foraging". You will prepare several entire meals from scratch and will return home equipped to dazzle friends and family by tabling some veritable eye-openers.

Your guru

Fernando Stovell is your host for this special week.  He owns and runs his very own award-winning restaurant in Surrey - Stovell's - offering contemporary European cuisine in a setting that is truly spectacular. The restaurant opened in October 2012, and has received virtually non-stop acclaim since. Fernando is currently gunning for his first Michelin star - we back him!

We are delighted that Fernando will be sharing his skills with us for this exciting and enjoyable week and will be making sure that we're booked into a more fitness-based Bijoufest week immediately beforehand to allow us to enjoy the fruits of our labour in an entirely guilt-free way!

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